Jamie Parker is really a magician and he uses his skill for beer!


Who knew that Jamie Parker was really a wizard? Well, the actor shared his secret on the Jimmy Fallon show this week to promote Cursed Child!

Did you know that Jamie Parker is a wizard? No? Well don’t worry, neither did we! As the actor took to Fallon to help promote Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Jimmy talked him into doing a magic trick on television.

You can see the moment when Jamie realizes that he is, in fact, about to do magic on television but he still goes through with the trick. It seems simple enough. He blows up a balloon and is talking through the entire thing.

Suddenly, when he goes to write on the ballon, it pops and he produces a beer that he says is the real magic trick.

So basically, Harry Potter is real. His name is just Jamie Parker and he’s the actor who is playing him on Broadway. It is all a lie so we think that none of that wizarding stuff took place. Right?

Whether he is really Harry Potter or not, it is adorable to watch him do the magic that the illusionist for the show taught them! And if you have a chance to see the magic of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, you’ll see just how Jamie’s little trick applies to the grand idea of the show!

But then again, you’ll have to try and get tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and that’s a magic trick all on its own. You have to be a wizard to score some.

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You can see Jamie Parker in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway now! But if you can’t make it here, go watch The History Boys and cry!