Latest Incredibles 2 sneak peek gives the kids time to shine


No matter which of the Parr kids is your favorite, all three get a little time to shine in the latest look at the Incredibles sequel.

At the end of the day, Pixar makes movies that are meant to appeal to kids. More often than not, that means that kids are part of the cast in some way. Nemo’s a kid, the emotions of Inside Out live in a preteen’s head, and even the cast of Toy Story is made up of children’s toys. In the case of The Incredibles, there are three Parr kids: Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack.

All three of them, as we know, also have powers. While none of them directly correlate to what their parents can do, the younger generation can hold its own in a fight. Thankfully, that hasn’t changed in the newest look at the sequel, Incredibles 2.

Check it out below:

It looks like Violet even gets to take the car out for a spin. Is there an attack on the new Parr family home, too? Look closely at her when she’s using her shield.

That could be the new house, which looks a lot more modern than the old one. Of course, Dash isn’t far behind when it comes to cool things, encouraging Violet as she drives and winding up to punch the camera later on.

Then, of course, we come to Jack-Jack, the focus of the above-linked article from Entertainment Weekly. It looks like the suit Edna makes in the first movie finally comes into play and gets put to real work — not just tests in her lab.

Of course, it could just be an outtake. Then again, we remember what happened the last time the Parrs got a babysitter. Thus we can see where they might have to take Jack-Jack into the fight and let him loose.

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Honestly, here’s hoping that all the members of the family — and Uncle Frozone, too — get their chances in the spotlight.