The Originals season 5 episode 4 review: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea


Klaus shatters the alliances of the supernatural factions in New Orleans and believes that a group of Nazi vampire purists have taken Hayley.

Spoiler alert if you missed it: Without his beloved star Elijah to keep him in orbit, Klaus veered onto a psychopathic trajectory. Yet, the real sadists of the episode were the supposed vampire purists. They cut the crescent tattoo from Hayley’s shoulder and sent the flayed skin to Klaus in a little wooden box.

Tonight’s episode, “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea,” stressed the differences between supernatural species. At the Salvatore School, Freya and Hope fought and bonded over the heavy burden of being different. They are faltering under the weight of being first-born Mikaelson witches. In New Orleans, Klaus reverted to his old ways of wielding fear and horror. He motivated the vampires, witches and wolves to track down Hayley with threats and kidnapping. He followed through with heart and throat ripping. Klaus revealed to Marcel that his extreme violence was a methodology to see which group would toe the line and who wouldn’t. The vampires resisted the most, indicating that they are behind Hayley’s kidnapping and torture.

Here’s the inside summary from CW:

Eugenics and ridding the world of meddled breeds is the theme. Anyone with an inferior composition to a pure vampire is a target. Who are these purist vampires? As Marcel is not a pure vampire, he can be penciled off the traitor list (for now, anyway). Since being dumped by Rebekah, Marcel has lept from his empty bed and into Elijah’s chair on the Klaus Mikaelson advisory board. Josh has boarded the socialist bandwagon and his anti-Marcel sentiment is growing, yet has he crossed over to the dark side?

Greta is a vampire seeming led by Aryan-style ideology. She is vocal about cross-breed Marcel not being suitable to lead the vampire crew. She has risen quickly to power, much to Marcel’s dismay. All the focus on Greta as a wannabe superior know-it-all works to remove suspicion from Roman. He was in New Orleans the night that Henry the hybrid was killed. This diamond sweating vampire continues to cozy-up to the most tainted of them all. Watch your back Hope!

Though this episode did not feature Antoinette or Elijah, Marcel and Klaus discovering the coin with the eagle/swastika emblem points back to her mysterious past.

Is Elijah sleeping with the enemy, or with the French Resistance?

Last week in France, Antoinette was seemingly an enemy, yet perhaps she is merely guilty by association. In the premiere episode, Klaus made a list and was hunting members of the Gatineaux family. In 1928 the Mikaelsons wronged this family, and Klaus believed the mind-wiped Elijah was easy prey for such an enemy seeking revenge. As Klaus said to Caroline of Elijah: “He would not know an enemy if they sat down at the piano.”

Then… Antoinette sat down at the piano next to Elijah and he proposed marriage. It is no coincidence that Klaus said to Antoinette that the vintage of the celebratory champagne bottle he dropped on the floor was 1928. What happened in Manosque nearly a century ago? Last season, Elijah said Manosque was the only place he could be truly happy. What are the Mikaelsons’ past connections to the town and to Antoinette?

Antoinette spoke to Elijah briefly of her past and how she was shunned for being different. She still has no last name, and she may very well be a Gatineaux. Yet, she may not have been — or may no longer be — on the side of the purists. Next week Antoinette will open up to Elijah. Will she stay in “the present” or be drawn to her past?

Klaus’ smart play has made him a pawn

This week, Klaus and Marcel imposed Marshall Law on New Orlean’s vampires. Now, Vincent and Ivy plan to put the witches first. Lisena and the wolves plan on putting the packs first. While Vincent complained about being a pawn on the Mikaelson chessboard, it was Klaus who played the part of an unwitting pawn. He bloody actions have split supernatural factions and ignited hate – Just the sentiment these Nazi antagonists would love. Here’s a peek at next week:

Expect a big build up to an all-hell-breaking-loose Mardi Gras.

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Let’s see if next week’s episode of The Originals answers a few questions.

  • Is Antoinette a Gatineaux? Are the Gatineaux the purists?
  • Who is doing the dirty work in New Orleans?
  • Will Hayley be found? Is she even alive?
  • What’s the link between the werewolf hunting and The Hollows creating the werewolf curse?