New Solo: A Star Wars Story clips seem determined to convince us how goofy Han is


It’s not that we didn’t know Han Solo is a bit awkward sometimes, but Solo: A Star Wars Story keeps playing it up a lot in new clips.

There’s a reason Han Solo had an excuse to say “Laugh it up, fuzzball” in the original Star Wars trilogy: it’s because there are definitely ways to needle him, and even though he tries to play it cool, he can easily get owned by Leia Organa. (It’s actually part of the reason they work well as a couple.) Apparently, though, Han has always had a tendency to try and seem way cooler and tougher than he is … and he’s somehow even worse at it, even though there aren’t any princesses around to kiss their at-the-time-unknown twin brothers to prove a point.

There’s really no other way to explain Lucasfilm’s choice to debut both this full scene and teaser on the same day.

Let’s start with the teaser, because it has a really cool shot that, as all really cool shots of this movie do, focuses on Lando Calrissian:

Han’s there too, we guess, and this does seem to confirm that Tobias Beckett is the one who disguises himself and walks behind Qi’ra as we’ve seen in other trailers. But mostly, we’re just looking at Lando. Even in this spot, though, there’s a bit of humor at Han’s expense.

As for the scene itself, it’s really mostly about how terrible Han is at being a gangster. How exactly will this guy turn into the cool captain who shot first and shortened the Kessel Run again?

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Although we do have to say that the overconfidence does suit a younger Han, this does still feel a bit too try-hard and obvious. Even so, things seem to be evening out with this movie, and just in time, too: it’s out May 25, as all the banners on the videos remind us.