Groot now has an epic resume thanks to one Wichita Falls student


Groot has a resume now, thanks to a Wichita Falls student who thought outside the box when it came to choosing a Marvel character for an assignment.

When you think of Marvel characters having to come up with a resume, you might think of someone like Iron Man or Captain America. Both heroes have a long and storied history that seems to be ripe with information that would make an amazing resume and cover letter.

However, one character you might avoid is Groot, whose vocabulary is very limited, and who is basically a talking tree.

In Wichita Falls, a teacher decided to ask their students to craft a resume and cover letter for one Marvel character, and the results are epic. Especially after one student decided to go with Groot.

The story has since gone viral after the teacher posted pictures of the assignment to Facebook. One student’s ability to think outside the box has garnered the praise of many on social media.

As anyone who knows about the Guardians of the Galaxy can tell you, Groot may not have a big vocabulary, but he is very expressive in his delivery. With just three simple words, the character is able to say so much. In honor of Groot’s catchphrase of “I am Groot,” the student in question wrote out his entire assignment using just those three words.

While a big part of what makes Groot so lovable, besides the fact that he is a walking, talking tree, is the fact that his only line of dialogue is a simple, “I am Groot.” No matter what the situation is, those are the only words he says.

What this student did is actually quite impressive! He took an assignment that some might have avoided, writing a resume for Groot, and turned it into a viral moment (Even if the fact it went viral is thanks to his teacher posting the assignment to social media.)

On Twitter, the reaction is exactly what you might have expected from fans of the MCU. People wanted to know if the student earned an A for this assignment. Some Twitter users even weighed in on the kind of work candidate they believed Groot to be. Others chimed in with how they would have improved the resume.

Clearly, the puns were strong with this particular story. Many people chimed in with their own tree-related theories and thoughts.

Now I don’t know about you, but I would never have thought to do something like this!

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We’re glad to see that the student earned a 100 and a 96 on the two assignments. While we’re not sure which got the perfect score, the kid is a winner for figuring out such a clever way to fulfill this assignment.