Fanfiction and Harry Potter have a long history


Fanfiction about Harry Potter and his friends has quite a place in the history of the internet. But is it starting again?

When it comes to Harry Potter, there is a plethora of fanfiction out there for us all to appreciate. Whether it is our favorite ship or just a normal fic about the wizarding world, we all have read at least one in our lives.

Personally, I used to read Harry Potter and Hermione Granger fanfiction all the time when I was younger. But what is interesting now is that it seems to be making a comeback because of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

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A lot of the topics surrounding the play have been about the ‘fanfiction’ that already existed about the nineteen years later. From there, many have even gone as far to call the play, which J.K Rowling had a hand in, fanfiction as well.

Here’s the thing: There’s nothing wrong with fanfiction. Sometimes, it is the only way our favorite characters get their due time. Too often than not, movies have too many cute characters or shift focus to help tell the story, and that means that certain characters do not get the screentime they should.

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So does this all mean that we’re now going to get a lot of Scorpius and Albus fanfiction? Yes, and we should. There is a love dance number that these two do on a staircase, of course we’re going to write fanfiction about them actually falling in love with each other.

Too bad there probably won’t be a sequel to Cursed Child about their love but then again, that’s what fanfiction is for right? Our dream scenarios?

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What is your favorite Harry Potter fanfiction? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you love! 

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