Real Housewives star Erika Jayne steals RHOBH spotlight as exit rumors swirl


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne (aka Erika Girardi) is stealing the Bravo spotlight with soaring rumors that she might leave the popular reality TV show.

From the moment that Erika Jayne (also known as Erika Girardi) earned her diamond in the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, viewers toasted her (in champagne, of course). She was different and daring, plus offered a slew of new GIFs to share.

From her deliciously shocking styles to that symbolic-of-Beverly-Hills private jet and over-the-top glam squad, Erika goes where no Real Housewives has gone before. But could the rumors be true that Jayne is leaving RHOBH?

Is Erika Jayne leaving RHOBH?

Rumors that Erika was leaving turned Twitter into a tizzy of speculation. Would Jayne stay or would she go? Reddit also debated the rumors that Girardi may exit RHOBH, with some arguing that the Real Housewives star seemed so “checked out” of the Bravo show’s reunion that her behavior offered the biggest clue that she would depart after the current season wrapped.

“She ignores every fight and conversation, even the ones directly relevant to her, responds with one word answers (even more shut down then she usually gets), and then in a bunch of the scenes when they pan out on the group it seems like Erika is like looking off to the right/another direction and isn’t even paying attention to what anyone is saying,” wrote the original poster on Reddit.

When Twitter went wild over the rumor, Erika was quick to stop them (sort of).

In response to one of the tweets that alleged Jayne had already quit RHOBH and would issue a statement after the reunion was over, Reality Blurb quoted a Real Housewives insider as saying that the reality TV star’s exit could not be confirmed. That same source also said that Erika reportedly has been making threats to quit.

About that reunion episode

As for what can be deduced by Bravo’s description of the next Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reunion show, the third part of the reunion will feature Girardi and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave finally confronting their “issues.” But did those so-called issues contribute to whatever is allegedly causing Erika to consider walking out the exit door?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion, Part 3, airs May 8 on Bravo at 9 p.m. As always, Andy Cohen will be taking charge of determining which viewer questions get asked and which he quietly leaves inside his dressing room for his dog Wacha to chew over. (See how wise that dog looks? That’s the look of a smug celebrity dog who knows all the secrets.)

What’s next for Erika? More cameos on The Young and the Restless

Whether she stays or goes, we hope that Erika remains in our lives. In her memoir, Pretty Mess, Girardi told the story of Erika Jayne. She described how her life as a pop music princess became a reality. We’d love to see her become the woman who dares to tell the real truth about what it’s like being on the Real Housewives. We hope that includes the selection process to where the cameras go (and where they’re forbidden).

In addition to potentially authoring more books, we’re excited that Erika Jayne is set to return to the sudsy soap opera world, reuniting with Eileen Davidson.

Girardi once again will appear as a dynamic real estate agent named Farrah Dubose. Her mission: To assist in a search for a bachelor pad.

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Erika first appeared on the Young And The Restless in 2016, proving that she and Eileen make a dynamic duo in the soap opera world as well as on RHOBH. Is Jayne’s return to the show a hint that she’s exchanging soap suds for reality TV? We hope that she does both as one of our favorite strong women of pop culture.