Guessing the title of Avengers 4 is basically like playing ‘hot or cold’ with the Russo brothers


The title for Avengers 4 is kept locked away and guarded like Fort Knox. But the directors have at least been nice enough to let us know when we’re close or not.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Avengers: Infinity War. Read at your own risk!

Only a few people out there know the true title of Avengers 4. Among those people are the directors themselves, Joe and Anthony Russo.

After an uber-successful time at the box office, we’re already moving on from Infinity War to the next installment, Avengers 4. So now that we’ve seen Infinity War, we can get the title for the next movie, right? Wrong.

The secret behind the title will likely remain a secret for much longer, according to both Russo brothers. They spoke to Uproxx and remained very tight-lipped (per usual) about the next movie’s title. When asked if we’d know in a couple of weeks, Joe said a resounding “no.”  Then, when asked if we’d know about it after Ant-Man and the Wasp, Anthony explained, “We haven’t totally decided yet, but we are not anywhere close to it yet.”

And for those of you ready to scour every line of dialogue spoken by the Avengers for a hint at what the title might be, they say that’s a no-go either. So much for Avengers: Who the hell are you guys?.

Anthony did reveal that it’s “certainly grounded in the narrative that we have been following throughout the MCU.” Maybe he’s making it seem like it could be pretty obvious, but they’ve mentioned before that the title for Avengers 4 would spoil Infinity War and potentially the new movie.

One commenter in the Uproxx story joked that it could be Avengers: Fourever, and they might actually be pretty close. Bradon Davis of mentioned that his guess, Avengers: Forever, was supposedly the closest guess to the title so far. Joe Russo added in response (jokingly), “The actual title is The Avengers: Almost Forever.”

Maybe his joke is something to take seriously. “Almost forever,” in a way, sounds like its commemorating the old Avengers team and passing on the legacy to the new Avengers. But, as epic as it may sound, let’s not forget that Batman already nabbed the Forever title almost 23 years ago. And it’s probably not best to compare Avengers 4 to Batman Forever.

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For now, we’ll basically just start bombarding the Russos with titles and asking “are we hot or are we cold?” Avengers: Forever might be pretty warm, but we’re looking for the title suggestion that’s on fire.