25 of the most memorable TV teachers

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Ms. Snap, Ms. Cannon, Ms. Watson, Ms. Feldman and Ms. Adler – Teachers

As a show strictly about a handful of elementary school teachers, Teachers can get kind of dark and gritty. I’ll admit, it’s super funny and clever, but also a little unnerving to see a teacher’s underbelly, so to speak.

Ms. Snap is the “fun” teacher who wants to be cool to her students and never, ever discipline them. She often rolls into her classroom still wearing the clothes she wore last night at the club, and she has never met a situation that a good push-up bra can’t solve.

Ms. Cannon is a social activist, bent on making her school, her community and her whole world a better, safer and cleaner place. If you want to know how to do your part, all you have to do is ask. Or maybe you don’t, but she’ll tell you anyway. She’s a pitbull when it comes to littering, but she’s apt to look the other way when it comes to traditional education conventions.

Ms. Watson gives a new depth to the word prim. She never leaves her house without a neat cardigan and matching headband. She’s the teacher who always has glitter, popsicle sticks, and glue sticks on hand and she has an incredible Pinterest presence.

Ms. Feldman doesn’t believe in rules. There are no lesson plans, no grades and certainly no tests. She just floats through her day, letting the knowledge flow out of her and into the students. Hopefully.

Lastly, Ms. Adler is the edgiest of the bunch. She suffers no nonsense and gets straight to the bottom line on anything. She mostly thinks children are evil and her personal undoing, but she also feels compelled to teach them how to spot perverts.

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