25 of the most memorable TV teachers

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Dorothy Zbornak – The Golden Girls

Dorothy Zbornak, along with the other Golden Girls, has transformed into a feminist and pop culture icon. Her quick wit and endless sarcasm makes her a role model for the female snarkers of the world. Not only is she a free-thinking, independent mature woman, she also has a heart for education. She is a dedicated and committed substitute teacher, who often takes special interest in her students.

Known for her dry, and often biting, sense of humor, Dorothy, played flawlessly by Bea Arthur, is a genuinely kind and thoughtful individual. She cares deeply for her roommates and best friends, Rose and Blanche. She is also very protective of her aging mother, Sophia, and allows her to move in with her and the girls after an unfortunate stay at a disreputable nursing home.

Although we rarely see Dorothy in action in the classroom, it’s clear that it is very important to her, despite the low pay and status. In fact, when a former student tries to offer her a high paying job teaching corporate trainees, she soon quits, explaining that it isn’t fulfilling enough.

In a now infamous cameo, she also tutors a young student played by a fresh-faced Mario Lopez. Dorothy tutors him and even enters his essay into a contest that he goes on to win. Unfortunately, this alerts immigration, and he is forced to deal with the threat of deportation.

Despite most of her scenes having to do with the interpersonal goings-on of the house and its inhabitants, being a substitute teacher is truly part of her identity, and I’ll admit it here: I want to be just like her in every single way.

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