How to dress your significant other like your favorite Marvel character

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Thor’s style is somewhat hard to emulate in the real world. My suggestion is to take his essence and transfer that idea into something modern.

When you boil down Thor’s style, the word rugged comes to mind which makes me think of brown, worn-in leather. Leather is one of the more expensive materials; therefore any leather clothing is costly too.

The solution is to purchase one leather staple item and pair it with everything else. If Thor were a regular person, I imagine he would wear leather boots, stonewashed boot cut jeans, a white t-shirt, and a brick rubbed brown leather jacket. The Canadian company Roots specializes in leather goods. They sell multiple different styles of the hide, but my favorite is their Tribe leather. It’s a light tan leather that has been rubbed with a brick to give it a rugged style. See what I mean here.

Roots has many different jackets sold in the tribe leather, all of which scream “god of thunder.” Of course, there are times when it’s too hot to wear a leather jacket. Luckily there is an alternative. Roots sells a tribe leather backpack that anyone can rock. In fact, I’m adding this knapsack to my birthday wish list right now.