15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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7. Annie/Hallie observes Elizabeth in action

Most kids don’t meet their mom for the first time at 11 years old. Most kids also don’t meet their long-lost twin at summer camp. Annie James and Hallie Parker were not most kids.

When Hallie finally gets the opportunity to meet and know her mom, she wants to soak in every second of it. So obviously she jumped at the chance to go to work with Elizabeth. It was her first impromptu Take Your Child To Work day with her mother!

While she’s there, Hallie gets an up-close look at just how talented her mother is. As an added bonus, Elizabeth even asks for Hallie’s help and input. It’s something so normal for anyone else, but for Hallie it’s the most incredible experience because she never got to have it before.

This moment narrowly beats out Hallie and Elizabeth’s first meeting. But that scene deserves honorable mention here. Even though Elizabeth doesn’t know it’s Hallie, she greets her with the kind of enthusiasm she would if it were a true first meeting.

Also worth a mention: when Elizabeth does find out she has Hallie. She’s not angry or upset, just happy to see her other daughter. Honestly, The Parent Trap is just bursting with brilliant mother/daughter moments.