15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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3. Anna and Tess hit the road

Nowadays, a fortune cookie doesn’t really have a fortune in it. They tend to have words of wisdom or guesses at your personality. Luckily, none of them have been known to make you switch bodies with someone.

The timing was a bit rough, but as fate would have it, it was exactly the experience that Tess and Anna Coleman needed in Freaky Friday. Though the women initially agree not to participate in any aspect of the other’s life, it quickly becomes clear that it needs to happen. While Tess heads to school as Anna, Anna heads to work as Tess.

But she’s a 16-year-old and she’s got a platinum card now. So of course, she goes shopping and gives her mother’s body an upgrade. Her mother isn’t all that thrilled though. Especially when she sees Anna eating fries.

Then it dawns on her; Tess can’t eat fries in her own body (they’ll go straight to her thighs) but she can eat them in Anna’s body. So she does what any sane mom would do; she rubs it in her daughter’s face.

It’s not a stereotypical, heartfelt moment (that one comes at the end of the movie) but instead an incredibly real one. Arguing with your mom in the car is kind of a rite of passage. The moment is made all the better by the fact that Anna and Tess have switched bodies.