15 best Disney mother/daughter moments that melt your heart every time

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5. Helen Thermopolis’s marriage advice

Being a queen is hard. You have to decide what’s best for an entire country, and always maintain a sense of grace. The latter part was always a bit of a struggle for Mia Thermopolis, but she adapted well enough.

Of course, when she finally did start getting the hang of Queen duties, Parliament had to go and rain on the parade. Thanks to an archaic Genovian rule, Mia was forced to find a husband. Was the idea of an arranged marriage appealing to her? Not even a little bit. Was she willing to do it out of love and loyalty for Genovia? Absolutely.

The bright side is, she found a pretty great guy and it thankfully works out (otherwise this movie would be a lot less enjoyable and proper to watch). Andrew Jacoby was sweet, cultured, and willing to help Mia in any way he could. Even after Mia’s caught on video spending the night with Nicholas, Andrew is willing to go through with the marriage.

So, to keep her coronation on track, she is too. It’s a difficult decision, but Mia has plenty of support. Not only does her best friend Lily show up to help plan everything, but Mia’s mom does too.

Like any mom, she offers her daughter marriage advice. But, having just had a baby, Helen is a little more eccentric than usual and the advice makes almost no sense. It’s a funny, loving moment that most daughters can probably relate to.