10 TV shows that will have you wanting a new wardrobe

Stranger Things season 3 Jim Hopper. Image courtesy of Netflix.
Stranger Things season 3 Jim Hopper. Image courtesy of Netflix. /

How come TV characters get all the best clothing? Here’s a list of the top 10 television shows to influence your wardrobe.

I’m incredibly susceptible to the influence of television. I’m the type who wants to become a doctor after I watch The Resident, a lawyer after watching The Good Wife, and a politician after I watch Veep. Entirely changing careers is a challenge but buying some new items for your wardrobe can be just as rewarding and much faster. So what if I’m not a queen of dragons, doesn’t mean I can’t own a leather dress!

Here is a list of the top 10 TV shows that’ll make you want a new wardrobe.


Seeing as I’m neither a lawyer nor politician, I don’t have a lot in common with Olivia Pope. That said, I am a boss (my own) which means I should defiantly arm my closet with some power suits. While watching Scandal, it’s hard not to get caught up in Olivia’s attire. Her style is classic, feminine and commanding.

To emulate Olivia Pope’s style, a simple work blazer, and matching skirt can do paired with a minimalist but commanding trenchcoat or cape (because gladiators def wear capes). Combine that with some matching pumps and earrings plus a hydrating face mask you’ll need at the end of your stressful workday.

Stranger Things

Most of us think of the1980’s as a wild time in fashion, but Stranger Things reminded me that the ’80s had a grimy, punk side as well. After watching season two of the show, Steve Harrington became my style icon. Yes, I know he’s a boy, and I’m a girl, but gender is over so chill.

Steve Harrington has the perfect everyday style. His normcore vibe is easy to achieve and beyond anything else, comfortable. All you need is a classic pair of light denim Levis, a t-shirt and a fast jacket (that’s what I call windbreakers). Or peruse your local thrift shop for some vintage threads, from ’80s graphic shirts to a trendy fanny pack.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Drag Race has consumed my life. Like most people, I’m obsessed with the phenomenal outfits created and worn each week. Can you imagine these queens’ closets? My closet is pitiful in caparison. Not only does RuPaul make me want a new wardrobe but I also want to make it myself. I can attribute the fact that I recently bought a sewing machine to the influence the show has over me. My recommendation is to try and avoid binge-watching Drag Race or else you’ll suddenly find yourself in a JoAnn’s fabric store with an arm full of cloth and no game plan.

Game of Thrones

This list would not be complete without Game of Thrones. Before being introduced to the HBO juggernaut, my closet looked utterly different. I owned no pleather (cause I’m broke). I now have multiple pieces of leather and pleather that are both beautiful and resilient. In season 7, all the women looked like they were ready to lay down some old-world law, from Cersei’s chain-mail style dress to Daenerys’ three-headed dragon chain (we need that made into a belt or necklace ASAP?).


Remember earlier when I said the ’80s weren’t all about shimmer and shine? Well, some of it defiantly was. I wish there were a store called Glow that sold everything that the show’s characters wear. I also wish it was acceptable to wear a bodysuit, crew neck, and no pants but it’s not (well at least not in the 9-5 workplace, weekends at a day bar perhaps).

Troy: Fall of a City

I’ve only recently started watching the new Netflix series Troy, but I can already tell that the clothing worn by Helen of Troy belongs in my closet. Starting with episode 1, Helen is dressed in a Grecian toga styled dress. Paired with the outfit is a crinoline and feather choker which is held together by shells. She looks magnificently regal and offers perfect summer style inspiration to us all.

The Shannara Chronicles

The clothing worn by the Elves in The Shannara Chronicles is similar to the fashion of Game of Thrones. I love most of it, but not many articles belong in my wardrobe, with one notable exception, corsets. Before watching The Shannara Chronicles, I thought wearing a corset as a top was something only the Kardashians did in the early 2000’s. I was wrong. In fact, Michelle Wolf just wore a corset while hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner. So if you want to work that corset look, go right ahead ladies.


If you’re ever looking for me, I’m probably in my office wasting time watching Versailles. The reason I’m so captivated by the show? The lavish attire. I swear Bruno Mars’ song Dripping in Finesse is about 17th century France. I find myself daydreaming about being sewn into a gown each morning by a dozen maids. At the very least, Versailles has reminded me of the importance of accessories. They can literally make or break an outfit. Who would think to adorn the center of their up-do with bedazzling jewelry? The women of Versailles.

Altered Carbon

Why dress in the past when you can dress for the future! Okay, sure the producers of the show Altered Carbon don’t actually know what people in the future will wear, but I think they’re on the right track. At the very least there will be robots, and I bet robots will make great fashion designers. The clothing worn in the world of Altered Carbon is similar to what we wear today. The main difference is that there are a lot of straight lines and blunt angles, making the clothing more geometric than our current boho trends.

Will & Grace

Will & Grace is back on the air and as stylish as ever. Will & Grace has always been a show that prioritizes clothing. Their focus on style has me evaluating my own closet because of two main reasons: Karen’s fab style and Grace’s lack thereof. Karen naturally wears brand name designers and other expensive clothing. I love when a character knows their style because my favorite part of any television show is a predictable character pattern. Grace also has a predictable pattern when it comes to her wardrobe, not looking as good as Karen. Grace’s insane prints and oddly fitting pieces make me want to throw out everything I own and start over so that I can concentrate on not dressing at all similar to her. Unfortunately throwing out everything you own is something Grace would do, ultimately defeating the purpose.

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