5 Pixar films that could have been shelved to make room for Ratatouille 2


Pixar’s longevity has allowed itself to create several sequels to originals movies. But, really, some of those could have made way for the greatest unproduced sequel: Ratatouille 2.

If you asked me to choose between a sequel to a movie where rats can cook or where cars can talk, I’d pick the rat chef sequel in a heartbeat. Not too many people could pull off a movie about a rodent that can cook, but Pixar certainly did!

Despite the success of Pixar’s Ratatouille over10 years ago, the movie still hasn’t seen a sequel. Patton Oswalt, the voice of Remy the rat, recently told Entertainment Weekly that he’d totally be down for a sequel if director Brad Bird was up for it. That, though, would only happen if Bird had a great idea for the movie. (That’s mainly the reason it took the Incredibles so long to get a sequel.)

Meanwhile, Pixar’s been on its merry way making tons of other sequels that some of us didn’t even ask for. Let’s break down which of those honestly could have been shelved to make room for Ratatouille 2.

Cars 2

Yep, Cars was good as is. They took a pretty cool concept — talking cars — and spun it into a pretty good story. But the first Cars movie wasn’t the heartstrings-pulling kind of movie that most of its Pixar predecessors were. It was just a good movie. So why, then, did Pixar think it was okay to go and make a sequel to a “just good” movie? Probably to sell more toys.

Monsters University

Here’s a sequel (prequel?) to a great movie that nobody specifically asked for, but it ended up working out anyway. Monsters Inc. was a fantastic movie, and it was pretty decent as a self-contained story. Maybe a sequel about Boo as an older child or teenager would have been good, but a college backstory about Mike and Sully? That’s OK, we guess. To tell the truth, Monsters University didn’t disappoint, but it wasn’t nearly as moving as the original.

The Good Dinosaur

Not that we have any major problems with The Good Dinosaur, it’s just the movie didn’t do so well at the box office. If you watch the first official trailer, you might know why. For a kids movie, there’s not a lot of action, jokes and (mainly) talking! Why would someone want to see a movie if they barely know what it’s about? The second trailer did a better job at explaining the plot, but it was too little, too late; it ended up being the lowest-grossing Pixar movie to date. Sorry, little dinosaur.

Cars 3

Maybe Pixar was trying to rebound from Cars 2, but this definitely didn’t save them. While the idea was a little bit better than the last one, it still didn’t warrant a third follow-up to the series. While we’re at it, did Disney really need to make a Cars spin-off with Planes? They should have saved all of that money for Ratatouille 2.

Toy Story 4

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You’re really pushing your luck, aren’t you, Pixar?

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And so, we will wait for Ratatouille 2 when Brad Bird is ready. We’re just lucky he finally came up with an idea for the Incredibles 2 in our lifetime.