May the fourth be with you: 20 of our favorite moments from the Star Wars franchise

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Episode VIII: Rey saves the Resistance with her powers

While Luke distracts Kylo-Ren, the Resistance looks for a way out of the old rebel base they’re stuck in. They follow crystal foxes called vulptices to the only escape route — and discover that the exit is obstructed by heavy rocks. It would be impossible to move the rubble, and none of the rebels are small enough to slip through.

Poe and his friends nearly lose hope once more, when the giant rocks remove themselves from their path. They emerge from the cave to find Rey standing there, using the Force to hold the boulders in the air while her friends escape. It’s a powerful moment for her, showing her willingness to embrace her powers and fight against the dark side. Honestly, it may be one of her best scenes to date.

Rogue One: The rebels steal the Death Star plans

Rogue One deserves a presence on this list, even if we need to squeeze the film’s entire ending into one slot. Technically, this comprises several “moments,” but they’re all absolutely amazing. The film ends with the rebels’ noble sacrifice, in which they lay down their lives to steal the plans for the Death Star. It’s painful watching such beloved characters go, even though we knew it was coming. Leia tells us as much in the original films.

In particular, Jyn’s final moments with Cassian are touching. After transmitting the Death Star plans to the Resistance, the two lean on one another as they await the Death Star’s final blast to the base they’re on. It’s a scene filled with sorrow and hope, and it allows Rogue One to transition smoothly into the original trilogy. It may be one of Star Wars’ most perfect endings.

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What are your favorite moments of the Star Wars saga so far?