Avengers: Infinity War stars’ drawings of their characters, ranked by what we’d do for them

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Spider-Man drawing by Tom Holland. Image via CharityBuzz.

Tom Holland’s drawing of Spider-Man: A really nice box of tissues and a good hug

If “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” didn’t hit you in the moment, then we don’t know what to tell you. Anyway, a really nice box of tissues consists of particularly soft ones, maybe with a bit of lotion so as not to irritate your nose, and the hug probably includes a bit of a back rub.

Chadwick Boseman’s drawing of Black Panther. Image via CharityBuzz.

Chadwick Boseman’s drawing of Black Panther: One (1) count of petty larceny (but not really; crime is not cool)

According to Cornell Law, grand larceny can include time in the state jail, but the worst for petty larceny is time in the county jail. We like Black Panther, but not enough to do time in the really big house.

(Disclaimer: We would not actually commit a crime for the chance to buy this picture, nor do we want you to commit a crime for the chance to buy the picture. This is a joke, and it is written in jest, because we do really like T’Challa.)

Sebastian Stan’s drawing of Winter Soldier. Image via CharityBuzz.

Sebastian Stan’s drawing of the Winter Soldier: A first-born child

This one is courtesy of Culturess Contributor Rachel Leishman. She said it when we were discussing the images, and I knew that I could think of nothing funnier or more accurate.

Tom Hiddleston’s drawing of Loki. Image via CharityBuzz.

Tom Hiddleston’s drawing of Loki: An immortal soul

As with Sebastian Stan’s drawing above, this one is not courtesy of me; it’s courtesy of Mia Johnson, editor at Culturess, instead. Granted, she said her own soul, but I feel like you can’t be too picky with these things.

(Disclaimer: Stealing other people’s souls, like crime, is not cool. Don’t do it.)

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Which of these drawings is your favorite, and what would you do for it?