Avengers: Infinity War stars’ drawings of their characters, ranked by what we’d do for them

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Doctor Strange drawing by Benedict Cumberbatch. Image via CharityBuzz.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s drawing of Doctor Strange: A really terrible tarot deck

This is recognizably Doctor Strange, even with the green lines coming out from the doctor’s torso. However, we’re not sure what the black off to the left is, though. As a result, we wouldn’t give a real, full tarot deck, just one where half the cards are Death and the other half consists of Magician cards with Magician crossed out and Wizard written instead.

You know, just like Infinity War.

Karen Gillan’s drawing of Nebula. Image via CharityBuzz.

Karen Gillan’s drawing of Nebula: An off-brand Roomba

Roombas are kind of expensive, but knock-off Roombas are less so.

Maybe Nebula could use it in Avengers 4 to vacuum up everyone who died on Titan.

Too soon?

Paul Bettany’s drawing of Vision. Image via CharityBuzz.

Paul Bettany’s drawing of Vision: A copy of the movie Her

Let’s be real: Her kind of seems like the gender-swapped version of the romance between the Scarlet Witch and Vision in the Marvel movies.

Enough said.

Robert Downey Jr.’s drawing of Iron Man. Image via CharityBuzz.

Robert Downey Jr.’s drawing of Iron Man: Two (2) dollar margaritas

You actually get two drawings if you win the auction for Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man (both the one he brought on the show and the one he apparently actually drew, shown above). But still, we don’t think we’d get expensive margaritas, just the kind you get on sale on Applebee’s.

Scarlett Johansson’s drawing of Mark Ruffalo. Image via CharityBuzz.

Scarlett Johansson’s drawing of Mark Ruffalo: A six-pack of hipster beer

Everyone else took the challenge and drew their characters as best they could. Not Scarlett Johansson. She put in an effort and drew Mark Ruffalo instead.

Whatever you currently decry as a beer that only hipsters (or whatever target of derision you have) drink is what we’d pay for that drawing. You see, we didn’t name a specific beer because everyone’s opinions of what a hipster drinks are different.

(Who are we kidding? It’d be a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.)

Winston Duke’s drawing of M’Baku. Image via CharityBuzz.

Winston Duke’s drawing of M’Baku: Homemade vegetarian stir-fry

Look, we like Winston Duke and M’Baku both. That’s why we’d make fresh vegetarian stir-fry ourselves in order to acquire this drawing.

Anyone else, and it’d be leftovers from the time we thought we’d get creative and add some new ingredients into our favorite stir-fry recipe.