Avengers: Infinity War stars’ drawings of their characters, ranked by what we’d do for them

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The Avengers: Infinity War cast drew their characters for charity. We’re too broke to afford them, but here’s what we’d do for them.

Warning: There are spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War below.

In case you missed this tidbit in the ongoing deluge of things related to Avengers: Infinity War, several members of the cast actually drew (or obtained a drawing of, in Robert Downey Jr.’s case) their characters.

Now, those drawings are on sale for the Starlight Children’s Foundation. As with pretty much any charity auction, the bids are now way too high for us to afford.

Instead, we figured we’d rank the drawings based on what we’re willing to do or spend for them. In all fairness, these are for children’s benefit, but also, even io9 called them “adorably terrible.”

Don Cheadle’s “drawing” of War Machine. Image via CharityBuzz.

Don Cheadle’s “drawing” of War Machine: Pocket lint

If Don Cheadle can’t even give it his best effort, then we’re not even going to dig in our couch cushions for every spare penny we have. Lint, though, we have in spades. We’re not going to the dryer, though.

Zoe Saldana’s drawing of Gamora. Image via CharityBuzz.

Zoe Saldana’s drawing of Gamora: The least favorite stuffed animal

You know that stuffed animal that you’ve had forever, that one that you should probably get rid of because you really don’t like it that much, but somehow keeps surviving all your purges? That’s what we’d give up for this Gamora drawing, as Culturess Editor-in-Chief Sharareh Drury likened it to a Muppet.

Elizabeth Olsen’s drawing of Scarlet Witch. Image via CharityBuzz.

Elizabeth Olsen’s drawing of Scarlet Witch: Walking in a local crystal store (but only for five minutes)

Although we don’t think Scarlet Witch actually uses crystals or anything of the like, going to a local crystal store — you know the ones we’re talking about, the ones you just know are probably mostly nonsense — would probably be all we’re willing to go through for a drawing of Wanda. But only for five minutes.

Bonus points for labeling the necklace!

Josh Brolin’s drawing of Thanos. Image via CharityBuzz.

Josh Brolin’s drawing of Thanos: Those “special” brownies

Sometimes, you know not to trust brownies from a sweet old lady who also wears tie-dye. Or if you do trust them, you know that she has a heavy hand with the special ingredients, so you hold off on eating more than one at a time for multiple reasons. Josh Brolin’s drawing of Thanos kind of looks like what happens when you learn that lesson the hard way.