20 pieces of trivia you need to know about Star Wars

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Grand Moff Tarkin wore slippers

Pity the costume designers who had to come up with a hot take on what a Grand Moff would wear. Frankly, we’re still not sure exactly what a Grand Moff is, only that Tarkin, the man whose smelly breath orders Alderaan to be destroyed, is one. A quick Google search assures us that it is a very high-ranking title, and from his pristine, very well-ironed uniform, we’d expect no less.

But peek beneath the hardened, admirably chiseled exterior of the Death Star commander and you might find something that speaks to a soft side. He wears slippers.

That’s right. You heard. Peter Cushing, who plays Tarkin in A New Hope (and more controversially in Rogue One), found the boots that came with his costume very uncomfortable to wear because they were too small. Therefore, he only wore them in shots where Tarkin’s feet could be seen. In all other scenes, he’s wearing slippers.

What’s next? Darth Vader in Crocs? Yoda in Manolos? We all knew that the Empire put style over comfort, so it’s almost admirable to see the Grand Moff resisting the harsh lines and ridiculous hats of the establishment in whatever small way he can.

Sure, we’d rather he’d refused to laser away Alderaan, but at least he prioritizes comfort. It’s his most relatable quality.

Perhaps fashion is the Emperor’s last laugh, and indeed, his legacy, since the funny hats and bad haircuts have persisted into the new trilogy. We bet at least five of them are wearing slippers under their consoles though. After all, if it’s good enough for Tarkin…