5 movies you missed starring Neve Campbell


Canadian actress Neve Campbell is best known for her lead role as Sidney Prescott in the slasher movie, Scream. But have you watched her other movies?

Canadian actress Neve Campbell is best known for her lead role as Sidney Prescott in popular slasher movie Scream. Other popular titles she’s been in are The Craft and Three To Tango.

She got her start as Daisy in a 1992 Canadian tv show called Catwalk. However, it wasn’t until she landed the role of Julia Salinger in the American series Party of Five (1994) that she rose to stardom. Her on-screen siblings were, of course, Matthew Fox, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lacey Chabert and Scott Wolf.

In 1996, Neve took the role of Sidney Prescott in Scream. This was Campbell’s biggest career move, as Scream was a massive hit and became a trilogy within five years of its first release, and she’s been in all four movies. Of course, you may also recognize Neve in House of Cards, where she has been a part of the show since 2016. This makes House of Cards her longest running appearance since Party of Five.

Most of her’s filmography is in TV, and besides her few popular movies, we haven’t seen much of her in lead roles. Here are five movies that Neve has been a prominent character in that you might’ve missed (and are worth the watch if you’re a fan).


Set in the 1970s in the New York City club scene, a young man named Shane (Ryan Phillippe) catches the eye of the Studio 54 owner, Steve (Mike Myers).  As Shane climbs the employee ladder and is on his way to making his dreams come true at the elite club, he falls head over heels for Julie Black (Campbell).

You can find 54 on Netflix.

The Company

The Company showcases the hard work and dedication ballet dancers give to their performances. While the film is centered around a group of ballet dancers, the focus is on one dancer in particular, Loretta (Campbell), and her journey as she disciplines herself to become the prime performer. James Franco and Malcolm McDowell play alongside Campbell in this drama-romance film.

You can rent The Company on Amazon Video.

Blind Horizon

Shot by a hitman and left for dead in the heat of the desert, Frank Kavanaugh (Val Kilmer) wakes up with amnesia. Unsure of who he is, Frank retraces his steps to uncover the truth of his identity when Chloe Richards (Campbell) arrives claiming to be his fiancée. Things become complicated as he tries to figure out which is true and which is a lie.

Amy Smart and Sam Shepard also feature in this movie; you can rent it on Amazon Video.

The Glass Man

In this complex psychological thriller, Campbell plays Julie Pyrite, the wife of Martin Pyrite, a recent unemployed middle class man afraid of burdening his wife of financial ruin. Martin takes an offer from a crooked debt collector and cements himself in a threatening situation that only worsens.

You can rent it on Amazon Video.


Panic wasn’t successful at the box office; however, it has received universal acclaim from critics and has a 91 on Rotten Tomatoes. This indie-thriller film stars William H. Macy as a dutiful son to Michael (Donald Sutherland), but he’s reached a mid-life crisis and wants out of the family business. Having a difficult time in all aspects of his life, he goes to see a therapist. He meets a young woman by the name of Sarah (Campbell) in the waiting room who he falls in love with.

You can rent it on Amazon Video.

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We’ve missed Neve as a lead on the big screen! What is your favorite movie of hers?