Persona 5: Dancing Star Night needs to come to America… please?


Will we see Persona 5: Dancing Star Night come to America anytime soon? While we wait, we at least have Persona 5 with 90+ hours of gameplay.

For anyone that’s been around any kind of RPG (role-playing game) Persona 5 should at the very least sound familiar. If it does not, then you need to get-your-life hunny. A quick google search turns up the most bizarre to the most interesting of articles. Proceed at your own risk.

Side note. The game takes on a multitude of dark subject matters that I was surprised to find out. But, it also made the game resonate with me since it was a surrealistic blend of real-world elements fused with bizarre complicated storyline scenarios. The game does all of this seamlessly.

As a fairly new Twitch streamer, I have been asking my viewers to submit requests to what games they love and would like to watch. Since Persona 5 kept showing up, I decided to give it a test run.

Fast forward an entire weekend of playing this game and I am hooked. At first, I was nervous because JRPG’s (Japanese role-playing game) have a reputation of being complicated and buried with menus. I for one am a player who does not have the time or patience to learn complicated menu systems. However, I can say that this game was easy to pick up and the tutorials are fun and informative. Quite honestly? This game is borderline sexy when it comes to visuals, soundtrack, and the way it makes you feel.

And that was just the tutorials! The rest of the game carries on that same flow very well.

Persona 5 has a fascinating following, and it is clear as to why once you jump right into it. It has a bumping soundtrack that comes along with feel-good vibes and an art style to complementt the engaging story.

Also: Cosplay. Cosplay. Cosplay. Look up some of these edgy outfits in the game and you’ll totally get it.

Persona 5 has numerous DLCs that are available to download and expand the 90+ hours that the base game already provides you with.

That being said, a new rhythm-based game set around the same characters is being released May 24, 2018 under the title Persona 5: Dancing Star Night. The internet is slightly freaking out over the hero’s new look, available via DLC for the game, in which he crossdresses into an outfit that would have any head turn his direction.

However, the unfortunate news is that Persona 5: Dancing Star Night is only available in Japan. #sadpanda

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U.S. gamers deserve a game that’s fun, engaging, and with complicated real-world storylines. Digging through the rumor mills of Reddit and other fan-generated info, it seems very likely that we will see the game make its way to the U.S. Yet, there is nothing solid at this time.

Let’s just hope it’s soon since! I am already on a gaming high and would love to experience the new DLC myself. Let’s keep our fingers, hearts, and thoughts crossed and hope for the best.

(P.S. Want to play Persona 5 on the PlayStation storenow? It’s 55 percent off through May 8th!)