J.K. Rowling apologizes for killing Dobby in the Deathly Hallows


J.K. Rowling apologizes for killing off Dobby the house elf, leading fans to pay tribute to the magical creature.

Since 2015, J.K. Rowling has taken to social media on the anniversary of the battle of Hogwarts (originally May 2, 1998) to apologize for the death of one character.

The battle took the lives of many beloved witches and wizards.

Though that battle alone took the lives of many beloved characters, Rowling has apologized for those killed throughout the entire series. Last year, she rocked the Harry Potter fandom by apologizing for killing Severus Snape. Fans lost it, to say the least.

She’s also apologized for offing fan favorites such as Fred Weasley and Remus Lupin. This year though, she said sorry for the death of not a wizard or witch… but a little house elf.

We first met Dobby in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, who at the time was serving the Malfoys. Dobby helped Harry (while harming him a bit) learn about the Chamber having been opened before. By the end of the book, Harry tricks the Malfoys into freeing Dobby and he becomes a free elf.

Dobby’s death came in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a scene made more traumatic when it hit the big screen. While trying to help Harry and his friends escape Malfoy Manor, Dobby is killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. His final words were Harry’s name, proving his love for the boy who lived.

Fans appreciated Rowling’s apology, with many noting how he was such a positive and endearing character throughout the series. Others expressed how they’re still not over his death, remembering his last words and the touching funeral that followed.

Wands up, indeed!

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