The Harry Potter women who kicked butt are getting their own book


“Wizarding World: Girls Who Rock the Wizarding World” is coming soon and it is officially the best book for any young girl to read.

While “Harry Potter” is about the Boy Who Lived, he never did everything by himself. Nor is it a book series all about boys taking down the big bad. In fact, one of his two best friends who helped save him numerous times and solved a number of riddles was a girl. His other best friend may have been a boy, but he had a sister who was able to kick Death Eater butt with a swish of her wand.

Yes, we’re talking Hermione and Ginny. The two characters are the epitome of strong women in the “Harry Potter” franchise, but they’re not alone.

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

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How many adored Luna Lovegood’s character development and love of all people despite their bully nature? Who smiled when it was Professor McGonagall who raised the battle magic at Hogwarts to protect the school? How many cried with Snape when we saw the full story of the mother who made the ultimate sacrifice for her son?

“Harry Potter” is a world for boys and girls to gain inspiration and strength. There are characters for all, as J.K. Rowling proved that you didn’t need to be the bravest to fight and win against the Death Eaters; that you didn’t have to be the smartest to work out all the riddles thrown at you.

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers

For those who need to remember all the women who kicked butt in the series, “Wizarding World: Girls Who Rock the Wizarding World” is going to be the book for you. From Scholastic, the book is going to be more than pictures and basic character descriptions. It’ll focus on each of the girls and women and how they “built, enriched, and saved the [wizarding world].”

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This is going to be a book for all those who need inspiration and a reminder that they can definitely be just like the witches and wizards in the fantasy world.

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Are you excited about a book dedicated to the females of Harry Potter? Which female character do you hope is included? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

“Wizarding World: Girls Who Rock the Wizarding World” is coming to shelves on June 29.