Blake Lively deleted all of her Instagram posts and followed a bunch of people named Emily


Blake Lively deleted all of her Instagram posts and even unfollowed her own husband in what appears to be a viral marketing move for an upcoming movie.

Blake Lively is shaking things up for her Instagram followers, and some of us are really confused. In a move that has many of her followers talking on social media, Lively deleted every single one of her Instagram posts, changed her profile heading, and even unfollowed everyone, except for 30 people named Emily Nelson. She even unfollowed her own husband, Ryan Reynolds.

For fans who have been following Blake Lively for years, this means that all of her witty exchanges with Ryan Reynolds are gone, as are all of the posts about things like baking and movies. Instead, we are left with a blank page, no profile picture and a bio that reads, “What happened to Emily?…”

Even the women named Emily Nelson that Lively is now following seemed to be a bit confused as to what is going on. One of the Emily’s that Blake Lively followed Tweeted a screenshot of the notification she received showing the actress following her Instagram account.

In her tweet, @emilayy97 asked the world not only why she was being followed by Lively, but also why her bio was asking about Emily. She concluded her initial tweet by saying, “Goodbye cruel world some hacker is anti-Emily, my time has come :-).”

However, this was not the last we heard from @emilayy97, as it seems that Ryan Reynolds saw her tweet about his wife following her on Instagram, and liked the post. As anyone would, Emily Nelson shared it with her Twitter followers and made it clear that going forward she feels: “ETERNALLY THROUGH THE ROOF.”

Another one of the Emily’s took the time to send a DM to Blake Lively, with a screenshot of the conversation being posted to Twitter by @blakelivelyf. The Emily asked the actress if this was her way of asking if she wanted to be a “sister wife,” and preemptively accepted the proposal. Lively responded by saying she thought Emily would never ask.

With all of this excitement, you may be wondering what is going on, and why would Blake Lively delete everyone and everything, including her own husband?

Well, it turns out that this might just be a very elaborate and viral marketing campaign on behalf of an upcoming movie that the actress is starring in. As part of the campaign for A Simple Favor, a thriller that is set to be released in September, Blake Lively deleted all of her content from Instagram.

Instead of having any pictures or videos on her Instagram account, Lively chose to instead add to the mysterious nature of the movie and leave her followers with that simple question in her bio.

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A Simple Favor, opening September 14, is based on a novel by Darcey Bell, and is directed by Paul Feig. The movie stars both Lively and Anna Kendrick, who is also well known for her own social media prowess, as friends involved in a mystery after one goes missing and the other attempts to figure out what happened.