Harry Potter: Why Neville as the leader of Dumbledore’s Army was fitting


When Neville Longbottom became leader of Dumbledore’s Army, it was more than just convenient for storytelling. It was fitting for the overall story.

Once Umbridge left Hogwarts, there was no need for Dumbledore’s Army. After all, it was Harry Potter’s way of teaching the students everything they needed to know about Defense Against the Dark Arts. However, when Harry left and Voldemort’s followers became teachers, the lessons started up again. This time under the leadership of Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Ginny Weasley.

Eventually, only Neville was left. This was more than just a convenient storyline for the books, but a fitting development.

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Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom were born on the same day

It was later told that either Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom could have been the one in the prophecy. Voldemort was the one that made the choice when he chose to go up against the Potters, while Bellatrix tortured Neville’s parents. Things could have been very different had Neville been the Boy Who Lived (and he may not have even lived depending on the circumstances).

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However, the fact that both boys were potentially part of this prophecy makes Neville taking over from Harry as the D.A. leader more fitting. While he couldn’t step into Harry’s shoes in the prophecy, he could take over in another way. He could train other students in the way that Harry had started.

He showed his Gryffindor side

Up until this point, it wasn’t that easy to see how Neville had become a Gryffindor. When did he show the bravery that Gryffindors were known to have? Well, it was in this moment that his true colors shined; that he became the person the Sorting Hat saw in him.

Not only that, but he became the boy that he’d always wished he could be. In a sense, he became the person he looked up to: Harry Potter.

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Do you think Neville becoming D.A.’s leader in Harry Potter was fitting? Should it have been someone else? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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