Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been snubbed! What the hell!


The most popular and what will probably be the most successful show to perform on the West End and now Broadway has been overlooked for an award.

Despite all the success it has seen on the West End and the success it is now seeing on Broadway, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been snubbed in the 63rd Annual Drama Desk Awards. It has fast become the norm that when nominations are made you expect Cursed Child to be on there somewhere. But not this time, the nominations were announced and Cursed Child was nowhere to be seen.

The awards, compared to the likes of the Golden Globes, recognize not just Broadway but Off-Broadway and even Off-Off-Broadway. Basically, there is a huge pool of potential stage performances that are up for a nomination.

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So what possibly happened? Why didn’t Harry Potter and the Cursed Child get a nominee?

How are the nominees decided?

Well, there is no way to officially know but one suggestion is that it is how to do with how the nominees are made. Unlike other awards, the Drama Desk nominees are decided by journalists and critics.

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This makes a difference compared to awards where producers and those involved in the production are involved. Suggesting a less biased system as journalists and critics are not too fussed about how long a production lasts for. As soon as one ends, they just move on to another.

It won’t hurt the production

Despite the initial shock of not being nominated it is doubtful this will harm the production in any way. Cursed Child has been smashing Broadway records and being nominated for awards every other day the moment it opened its doors.

Fans are still desperately trying to get tickets and there is no sign of this excitement slowing down. So while it is a surprise I am sure they will not be losing any sleep over it.

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So what do you think about Cursed Child being snubbed? Where you as surprised as us as well? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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