Arthur Weasley is discussing the secrets of Birmingham Muggles


Harry Potter star, Mark Williams, discusses what made Birmingham so successful in a new TV documentary.

The proud city of Birmingham was once the world leaders in the industrial world during the 1700’s. Dubbed the ‘Silicon Valley’ of its time. People came from far and wide to be part of this proud city.

However, it wasn’t by chance that Birmingham gained such worldwide recognition and Mark Williams, better known as Arthur Weasley from Harry Potter for all us Potterheads, is lending a hand in explaining how the city came to be.

(Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images)

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Originally from the Birmingham area himself, Williams, will be staring in a TV documentary called Civilisations Stories: Innovation And Inspiration In Birmingham. The TV documentary will be looking at the city of Birmingham during the 1700’s and at what it was that made it the city that it is known for today.

The BBC1 documentary will be the first screened on April 30, 7:30 local time on BBC1. Nothing has been hinted at the documentary making it’s way over the pond for US viewers however that does not mean it will never do so. Best thing to do is to keep an eye out on BBC America for any announcements.

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So what do you think about Mr. Weasley, the lover of all things Muggle, presenting Civilisations Stories: Innovation And Inspiration In Birmingham? I think it’s great? Part of me really hopes he talks about rubber ducks. Share your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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