Lea Michele is gleefully engaged to Zandy Reich


She might not be on our television screens every week but Lea Michele is busy! In fact, she just got engaged to Zandy Reich!

Lea Michele was a fan favorite the minute she appeared on screen as Rachel Berry on Glee. She’s fun, she’s talented, and she sure knows how to make her fans happy! So when she announced on Instagram that she was engaged to boyfriend Zandy Reich, we couldn’t be happier.

Lea has had a tough go of it in the love department. She very publicly had her ups and downs, including dating Cory Monteith at the time of his untimely death. So to see Lea so happy and excited about her engagement warms our hearts.

Zandy Reich and Lea Michele began dating last summer and have been seemingly inseparable ever since! The two have very openly talked about their relationship and how they keep each other grounded and in tune.

So now that they’re going to be married make so much sense! Lea seems to be ever the busy body so to know that she has someone who brings her down to earth has her fans smiling. Lea is just one of those people who really gets life and wants to embrace it.

She is constantly posting about her work/life balance and her workout routines! Now, maybe we’ll get glimpses into her wedding prep and then her married life! We sort of had a preview when she hijacked her friend’s wedding veil for this cute photo.

We can’t help but be excited for what life has to come for Lea! She deserves all this happiness and more! And maybe she can bring us some more music in between her wedding planning?

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Congratulations Lea! We’re so happy for you and Zandy and can’t wait to see what married life has in store for you. (And fingers crossed for a Glee reunion at the wedding!)