Harry Potter and the Curse of the Cancellation Line for tickets


With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, it isn’t exactly easy to get a ticket. But what you can do is get in the cancellation line and pray it works out.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is sweeping the Great White Way. When it was announced that the acclaimed West End production would be transferring to New York, everyone had their concerns. Mainly how we were all going to get tickets to the show.

The problem? They tried to do a special fan thing so we would be the first ones to pick and still, sites like StubHub and Ticketmaster beat us to it. So now, as we anxiously try to #KeepTheSecrets while wanting to go see the show, we’re forced to either pay a lot of money or wait outside.

One of the options is the cancellation line. An hour prior to current, the cancellation line opens up for fans to buy tickets off of people who do not have someone to take them. Sometimes, it works out, others? Not so much.

One of the big problems is that the cancellation line only works if the show is sold out. While most are, the ones that aren’t typically have seats that are hundreds of dollars and, surprisingly, the theater won’t lower the price even if no one is buying them.

You can always continue to try the Friday 40 and get tickets for $40 dollars but that is almost as hard to win as the Ham4Ham show for Hamilton. So what’s to do? Hopefully it’ll die down a bit and we can go but, until then, just hope.

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