Does A Quiet Place even need a sequel?


After all its success, Paramount wants to keep an A Quiet Place sequel on the table. But do we really need to revisit the film or characters again?

Though A Quiet Place only came out a few weeks ago, it’s been a strong contender at the box office. John Krasinski’s humble horror film only cost $17 million to make, and has now earned over $130 million domestically.

Naturally, Paramount is interested in making a sequel — since profit like that and critical acclaim can’t be ignored. According to Jim Gianopulos, the Chairman and CEO of Paramount, the sequel is currently in development. However, “in development” could mean just about anything.

Krasinski, who wrote, starred and directed A Quiet Place, already picked up another project, Life on Mars. So, a sequel wouldn’t be a top priority on his plate.

The more important questions remains: Do we even need a sequel to A Quiet Place?

The film ended on a sad note, but it also gave us enough resolution to know that the characters could eventually have a happy ending. Humanity would live to fight another day. Giving the film a sequel undercuts the sacrifices made throughout the film. Moreover, it takes away from the impact moviegoers felt after leaving the theater.

Since its release, A Quiet Place earned a lot of critical acclaim for its writing, cleverness, and for being so … quiet. Even someone who hasn’t seen the movie would understand that the silence is for a reason aside from subverting anyone’s horror expectations.

But by the end of the film, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply. So, how do you make a sequel to A Quiet Place that doesn’t need to be quiet? If the place doesn’t need to be quiet, are we suddenly in The Loud Space?

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Sound or no sound, A Quiet Place worked because it was an organic, thoughtful story that took audiences by surprise. It would take a lot of work to surprise the audience like that again, so maybe a sequel isn’t the best idea.