Patty Jenkins confirms Wonder Woman 2 is set in the awesome ’80s


Director Patty Jenkins confirmed that the Wonder Woman 2 will take place in the ’80s.  It puts us right in the middle of Wonder Woman’s DCEU timeline.

The big question about Wonder Woman 2’s setting isn’t “where” but “when”. The sequel to the hit 2017 movie will be set in a completely new time period. Diana Prince is headed for the ’80s.

Director Patty Jenkins confirmed these rumors about the setting change during a video played at CinemaCon on Tuesday.

This would make yet another jump in time for our DC superhero. When we first saw Wonder Woman, it was in 2016’s Batman v Superman set in present day. Next, Diana Prince showed up during World War I in Wonder Woman. That, of course, is where we first learned about her origins and how she came to be a protector of the human race. Then, by 2017’s Justice League, we were back to seeing Diana in the present.

Now, what’s left to figure out before we see the movie is how Diana goes from being assimilated into society throughout the ’80s to basically going incognito until she reappears later films and timelines.  Perhaps the sequel will show the events that lead Diana to lead the quiet life before reemerging inBvS.

Aside from the plot details, we’re hoping the ’80s setting will make for a fun movie. “Fun” hasn’t necessarily been the word to describe most of Zack Snyder’s DCEU movies, so this could be a standout film — possibly even more so than the first movie. Diana assimilated into the early 1900s culture, so could we see her following the trends of the ’80s with big hair, broad shoulders and blue eyeshadow? Then again, our Amazonian warrior tends to bring her own flair to any setting. Maybe she’s the one who introduced chunky jewelry and bodysuits.

In the new film, it’s also been confirmed that The Cheetah (played by Kristen Wiig) will be Wonder Woman’s newest foe. Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal will also star as an unknown character. Plus, Steve Trevor will supposedly be back — even though we saw him die in the first film. If he’s definitely dead, will we see Steve show up in flashbacks or dream sequences?

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Who knows for sure what will happen in the sequel, but we might get some more details about Wonder Woman in DC’s Aquaman movie coming out December 21.