Film lovers should give these 8 movies one last watch before they leave Netflix in May


The list of movies and television series leaving Netflix in May is out, and we’ll be sad to see some of them go.

Every month, Netflix users sigh as the website updates its selection of films and series – usually getting rid of some beloved productions in the process. The list of what’s leaving the site in May has officially hit the internet, and it’s been met with some disappointment as we say farewell to a number of fantastic pieces of cinema.

In particular, we’ll miss these eight movies. If you haven’t made time to watch them yet, now’s your chance. There’s only a week left until they’re gone.

1. Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s Eleven is considered a classic at this point, and it’s a well-deserved classification. Starring huge names like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts, the film follows a group of twelve as they attempt to pull of a heist.

The heist they’re planning? Well, they’d like to rob three casinos in Vegas at once. As if stealing from one wouldn’t be difficult enough.

If you haven’t checked this film out yet, it’s definitely one to move up on your Netflix queue. And even if you have seen it, you might as well watch it one more time. Who knows when you’ll be able to again?

2. Goodfellas

Another classic, this 1990 film tells the tale of real-life mobster, Henry Hill. It follows his rise to wealth and success, then zones in on his downfall. An exploration of what drugs and a bit too much confidence can do to a person, the movie is right up there with The Godfather and Casino.

Goodfellas is one of those films you need to see at least once, even if you aren’t all that into gangster movies. If you’ve yet to pick this one up, we suggest adding that to this week’s to-do list.

3. The Hurt Locker

Set during the Iraq War, The Hurt Locker portrays the struggles of a bomb squad trying desperately to stay alive. Starring Jeremy Renner, best known for playing Marvel’s Hawkeye, the film portrays what happens to a group at odds during wartime.

You should watch The Hurt Locker for Renner’s acting alone. But if that doesn’t convince you, there’s also the fact that its blunt portrayal of war stands out from so many other combat movies. It doesn’t have a bottom line or push its opinions on you. It just lets you decide right from wrong.

4. Silent Hill

A horror film dating back to 2006, Silent Hill follows a woman in search of her adopted daughter. In her attempts to find the girl, she discovers a deserted town named Silent Hill. If you’re thinking that sounds spooky enough to turn heel and run, you’re right.

Of course, Rose decides to enter the town and poke around instead. The unnatural things she finds there are beyond disturbing, and she’ll be lucky to find her way back out – with or without her child.

If you find yourself longing for the days of good horror movies or are a fan of the video game series, you should give Silent Hill a try. It’s unique and perturbing, and it’s sure to leave you with feelings of unease.

5. The Jungle Book

Disney’s live-action version of The Jungle Book is essentially a more serious adaptation of the animated film. Brought up by wolves, Mowgli joins Bagheera and Baloo in an effort to escape the threats of a tiger called Shere Khan. While traveling with the panther and the bear, Mowgli learns about himself and the importance of his relationships with the others.

A heartwarming coming of age tale, The Jungle Book‘s time on Netflix was far too short lived. But if you haven’t been able to watch it, you can still tune in to Mowgli’s adventure before May 1st.

6. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Will Ferrell’s 2006 hit, Talladega Nights, tells the tale of a NASCAR racer attempting to remain on top of the competition. Unfortunately, when an unexpected rival comes to town, that becomes a feat easier said than done.

As with most Will Ferrell movies, this one is full of ridiculous dialogue and crude humor. Oddly enough, you’ll find yourself rooting for Ricky Bobby through it all.

7. High School Musical

That’s right, Netflix is getting rid of our favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. If you somehow missed the High School Musical craze, the film is a love story about two teens who bond over their passion for music. What better way to prove your love than through a solid karaoke session?

Netflix is also doing away with the film’s sequel, so now’s the perfect time for a binge. You can spend your last weekend of April singing along with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. We promise we won’t judge.

8. The Cheetah Girls

And speaking of Disney Channel Original Movies, this is one throwback you’ll want to watch before it disappears. Taking it back to the early 2000s, The Cheetah Girls is a story of friendship and fame. When four teens score a record deal, they must decide what’s worth holding onto: their values and friendship or the possibility of making it big with their music.

This is another film whose soundtrack you’ll be belting for days afterward. Just try not to wake your neighbors.

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Which movies are you looking foward to watching before they go?