Artist combines Harry Potter and Final Fantasy in beautifully epic way


Who would have thought that Harry Potter and Final Fantasy could go together?

One artist has found a way to combine his two loves in beautifully epic artwork, capturing the main focus on the novels perfectly.

If anyone told you that there was a way to combine Harry Potter and Final Fantasy together, you’d likely tell them they were ridiculous. On the forefront, it just doesn’t seem possible. However, artist Landon Otis has proven that idea wrong. Through title art, the 30-year-old has been able to bring out the beauty of both while focusing on the important elements of the Harry Potter storylines.

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Not all the cover art includes the face of Harry Potter. In fact, not all of them will even include a hint of the Boy Who Lived. The idea is to focus on the main subject matters within the novels. If that means a character other than the main protagonist then so be it!

For example, the cover for the very first book focuses on the three-headed dog and the train to Hogwarts. The second title art is the basilisk, Tom Riddle’s diary, and the Phoenix. Looking at the two artworks, you’d be able to guess the important themes throughout the novels (and later the movies).

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There are two beautiful pieces for the third book, The Prisoner of Azkaban. The first one is the first artwork to feature Harry Potter himself, although it is a shot from behind as he’s undoubtedly firing off his Patronus towards a dementor. In the second, the same dementor stands, but Sirius Black is on the other side of “Harry Potter III,” looking like a shell in chains. Both versions also have the stag, which goes on to play an important role in explaining who Harry is and another connection to his father.

Otis shared his artwork has always been a passion. While he enjoys creating pieces, he’s never been one to put himself out there. The designs always go through multiple rounds of revision, with the cover for the Half-Blood Prince (which features just Snape) originally intending to be green and silver for Slytherin. The colors didn’t work together in artwork, but there’s still the green to remind you of Snape’s house. The beauty of the Harry Potter and Final Fantasy mashup will hopefully give him the courage to do more and start selling the epic pieces.


What do you think of the artwork? Do Harry Potter and Final Fantasy work together? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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