25 things you didn’t know about your favorite action movies

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RoboCop – A hot, bulky suit that complicated everything

In this action/sci-fi classic, viewers got a glimpse at a possible dystopian future where we could become robots, but maybe it wasn’t the best idea.

In a futuristic Detroit, crime is up and the city is run by a massive company. When the company’s crime-fighting robot develops a dangerous glitch, they see the death of a local policeman as a way to get back in the city’s good graces. They rebuild the cop’s body with steel and call him RoboCop. The procedure is successful, and RoboCop is the future of law enforcement, but he soon becomes the target of supervillain Boddicker.

With a movie like RoboCop, where the protagonist is in a full robot costume, you know that the trivia is going to revolve around issues with the costume. It turns out that actor Peter Weller couldn’t fit into the police car when he was in costume. If you notice, throughout the movie, most of the shots are of him getting in or out of the car; when he’s filmed inside the vehicle, he was usually only in the top part of the costume and his underwear.

The RoboCop suit was also apparently so hot and heavy that the actor was losing up to three pounds a day while wearing it. They had to install an air conditioner in the suit just so he wouldn’t waste away. And it seems like the suit was just full of problems because the hands were made of foam rubber, and whenever Weller would try and catch the car keys, they would bounce right off his hand.

It took over 50 takes and an entire’s day worth of filming just for a shot of him catching a set of keys.

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