Twitter and Harry Potter: What would the characters tweet?


Social media is a big deal in our society but do the wizards in Harry Potter use it? And, if so, what do they tweet that doesn’t give away their magic?

Ever think about the use of social media and the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Well I have, mainly in regards to the jokes about Harry that could have surfaced throughout the magical community.

For instance, when Harry dies, how many people do you think would tweet “The Boy Who Lived lives no more”? Probably most of the wizarding world. But do the muggles see those tweets? Or are we just to believe that social media is also completely separate?

We didn’t have to really worry about the influence of social media in the original series or with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them because the internet did not exist yet. There couldn’t be a problem with social media and wizards because hey, there wasn’t any social media! But with the dawning of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, not only do they have to deal with a time turn mishap but like…can they tweet about it?

Honestly, it is a very modern way of thinking about the series but, at the same time, the question still remains. We have social media, we’re addicted to it. So wouldn’t Albus and Scorpius be right in the thick of it? Or is there something that prevents wizards and witches from using it? Who knows really but at the end of the day, the jokes would be pretty spot on for anything and everything that Harry Potter does.

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What do you think? Are Albus and Scorpius on Twitter? Do they Instagram while at Hogwarts? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!