We don’t know who’s sending Panic! at the Disco fans potatoes but it’s creepily amazing


Some Panic! at the Disco fans have been getting potatoes with quotes and pictures relating to the band. No one seems to really know who’s the sender or why they’re doing it.

Brendon Urie may as well start singing a new song, “I Send Potatoes Not Tragedies,” because we’re highly suspicious of what’s been going on with some Panic! at the Disco fans.

This week, fans started getting sent potatoes in the mail by the care of Mystery Potato. While Mystery Potato is shipping out the potatoes, they’re just a middleman. The actual sender of the potatoes has been silent so far (*cough* is it you, Brendon Urie?).

Some fans received spuds with markered-in quotes like “Praying for the fa!thless” and “Oh it’s Saturday night.” Others have gotten potatoes with pictures glued to them with exact precision of a second grader. But that’s okay if they’re a little… sloppy. It’s all in good fun.

Some of the glued imagery includes a “devil’s key” seen in the “Say Amen (Saturday Night)” music video and a creepy looking Illuminati-esque triangle symbol. What, might we ask, is really going on here?

The most likely explanation for all this is that it’s a fun viral marketing campaign to promote Panic! at the Disco’s next album, Pray for the Wicked. All the religious imagery seems to fit in well with the title of the next album and the (pretty gruesome) “Say Amen” music video.

To spare you from having to watch the whole video if you’re squeamish, at one point, Brendon Urie stabs a guy with a knife that has a potato on it. So that’s probably where the whole potato thing stemmed from.

Along with the potatoes, some have also gotten “unholy” water. Some speculated on Twitter that the packages probably got sent to their addresses either because they were on the mailing list or because they pre-ordered the album.

While Brendon Urie has remained quiet on this potato scandal, the official Panic! Twitter account responded as vaguely as possible.

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Panic! at the Disco’s next albumPray for the Wicked, is out June 22. We’re sure there will be more cryptic promoting ’til then.