The Handmaid’s Tale: Where did we leave off?

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June (Offred)

Of all the characters, June’s fate in the show most closely resembles her fate in the novel. In both cases, Nick has come to get her as she sat alone in her room and has taken her to a black van, urging her to get in. The question: why? The van could have been ordered by Waterford or Serena Joy due to her liaison with Nick or her evening excursions with the Commander. It may be taking her someplace to punish her. It could also be the “punishment” dictated by Aunt Lydia after the events of The Bridge and Night In the latter episode, the Handmaids refused to stone Janine for endangering a child in a remarkable act of group defiance. Aunt Lydia promised punishment, and it could be that wherever June is going, that punishment awaits at the end.

Alternatively, she could be going somewhere good (well, as good as you get in this series). Ofglen has mentioned a resistance, and Offred confirmed she would be a part of Mayday if she could by collecting and holding a mysterious package from Jezebel’s. Nick, who takes her to the van, may be allied with the government Eyes, but he could also be allied with Mayday and might be taking her to safety under the guise of punishment.

Whatever the case, June is pregnant. In a society where children are rare and precious, June is set apart as safe and special — at least until she has the child. But as we’ve learned in Gilead, there are other ways of hurting a person that don’t harm an unborn child. June’s fate will be the central question in the first episode of the season, and likely one to be answered quickly.