Weekend box office: Is Amy Schumer’s reputation holding back I Feel Pretty?


Amy Schumer’s comedic film, I Feel Pretty, opened in theaters this weekend, but it fell really short of the top two spots. Can she win the audience back?

From accusations of joke stealing to her ongoing battle with anyone willing to call her out for blatant racism, Amy Schumer built quite a reputation for saying whatever came to her mind first, consequences be damned. Like her good pal, Jennifer Lawrence, she proved that fame is fleeting and the box office is the ultimate judge of star power.

And, unfortunately for Schumer, hers continues to dwindle.

Obviously, the underlying message of I Feel Pretty is certainly meant to be empowering. Most likely, it’s a role that probably only Amy Schumer could sell. Plus, the writers and directors behind it, Marc Silverstein and his writing partner, Abby Kohn, have done numerous romantic comedies. It shouldn’t have been that hard to sell, yet I Feel Pretty falls very far behind Trainwreck, and still behind last year’s Snatched and their respective opening weekends and Rotten Tomatoes scores.

So, here are this weekend’s top 10 at the box office. Once again, each film is followed by what they made this weekend and what they’ve made in total at the domestic box office:

"1. A Quiet Place $22M / $132.4M2. Rampage $21M / $66.6M3. I Feel Pretty $16.2M / $16.2M4. Super Troopers 2 $14.7M / $14.7M5. Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare $7.9M / $30.4M6. Ready Player One $7.5M / $126.2M7. Blockers $6.9M / $48.3M8. Black Panther $4.6M / $681.1M9. Traffik $3.9M / $3.9M10. Isle of Dogs $3.4M / $24.4M"

On Friday night, Super Troopers 2 pulled in more money than I Feel Pretty, but by Sunday, I Feel Pretty took a secure (although not very big) lead.

Like Black Panther, which is now in its tenth weekend and showing no signs of slowing down, A Quiet Place continues to make noteworthy gains. It reclaimed the top spot from Rampage and will continue to earn more money throughout the week until Avengers: Infinity War not-so-humbly claims the top spot.

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Did you check out a new film this weekend? Or are you saving all your money for repeat showings of Infinity War? Do you think romantic comedies still have a place at the box office? Let us know in the comments below!