What could be in store for Avengers: Infinity War’s post-credits scene?


Avengers: Infinity War’s post-credits scene could easily be just as important as the entire movie itself. So what do we think is in store?

As a Marvel fan, you’ve got to both love and hate post-credits scenes. You love them because they provide you with a glimpse of things to come. Something to decipher over the next few months while you wait for the movie in question.

You hate them because sometimes they’re just pointless or kind of stupid. Like that Howard the Duck one at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Or that giant frost monster thing from Jotunheim running around England chasing birds.

For a cinematic feat like Avengers: Infinity War, you have to believe the post-credits scene is going to pack a punch. One that leaves you jaw-dropped and wanting them to rewind the reel to watch it again.

So … what will Infinity War throw at us for a post-credits scene? We have just a handful of ideas.

Captain Marvel

There are a couple different ways they may handle this one. As you may or may not know, Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel has been cut out of Infinity War completely. That seems kind of wild, but for the amount of characters in this film, can you blame them?

The easiest way: Have the cut footage be the post-credits scene. It won’t be shocking if this is the case. It’s the easiest plan and will have fans salivating regardless. Perhaps Marvel will show a particularly intense scene during the last battle, maybe when she shows up and reveals her powers and then quickly cuts to black. Something a little crazy.

The more fun one: Have it echo the post-credits scenes of old. And by that I mean have Phil Coulson involved, calling Fury about another enhanced individual, a la the post-credits scene for Iron Man 2. Clark Gregg just posted on his Instagram about being in Captain Marvel, which takes place in the 1990s.

And fans have been dying for Coulson to return to the MCU. This would be the perfect, fan favorite way to amp up the hype for the film.

Anything with any of the Defenders

Look, we know the MCU film universe will never cross with the MCU television universe. Aside from references in the TV shows, those characters won’t ever show up on the big screen.

But what if the Russo Brothers blindsided us all? What if the post-credits stinger was something with the Defenders? Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Danny Rand all waiting around at an airport for a flight to Wakanda. “They couldn’t have just flown us along on their secret space jet?” Jessica asks with an eye roll while Luke shrugs and Danny falls into meditation.


What about no post-credits scene? The directors have already been cagey about answering the question (as any respectable person would). And fans are thinking that it means no credits scenes. Depending on how the movie ends (most likely a cliffhanger?), you wouldn’t want to tarnish a heavy ending by adding a stinger into the mix.

Something silly with Peter Parker

It would also make sense if the movie has a heavy ending for the Russos to try to pick us up with something more lighthearted, like the shawarma scene after the first Avengers or Peter’s scene after Civil War and his friend Steve from Brooklyn.

Sure, Aunt May knows he’s Spider-Man (unless he talked himself out of that one), but she still might not know everything he’s up to. She might not know he’s out there battling Thanos.

Having a post-credits scene of him trying to sneak back into his bedroom, only to have May waiting for him or a burglar alarm suddenly going off and freaking him out would be a good way to get us to leave the theater not as bummed out as before.

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Who the heck knows what Infinity War’s post-credits scene will have in store. But we’re so close to finding out!