Watch actual magic unfold as this gymnast performs a Harry Potter routine [Video]


Witness the magic as gymnast Axelle Klinckaert performs a floor routine to the tunes of Harry Potter.

It’s great to see that the magic of Harry Potter is still going strong and has made an impact on our professional athletes. Being able to geek out and embrace your inner fandom was never something usually associated with athletes, or jocks as they would be known as, but those days appear to be long gone, as is the case of gymnast Axelle Klinckaert.

The 17-year-old professional gymnast performed a floor routine to the music of Harry Potter at the 2018 DTP Cup in Stuttgart, Germany. With a variety of different accompanying music from the franchise, including the very well know “Hedwig’s theme.” Klinckaert not only embraced the music but the choreography was perfect as it reflects the Wizarding World.

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With amazing flips, movements of a graceful owl and duels with her magical wand you can really feel that you are being immersed back into the world of Harry Potter. Her uniform also resembles a very prominent Hogwarts house. Although it’s not clear fit hat was deliberate or by chance.

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It is a routine that, excuse the pun, magical. One that is very difficult to express is words. Thankfully a video of her performance is available. So sit back, enjoy and witness real magic unfold right in front of your very eyes.

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What did you think of Klinckaert routine? Was there a specific moment that impressed you? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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