Taylor Swift Sheds Light On Broken Relationship in Sugarland’s “Babe”


During the early hours of Friday morning, Sugarland released their anticipated new song “Babe” featuring Taylor Swift and it’s everything we never knew we wanted until now. 

“Babe” is a track that was written by Swift and Train’s Pat Monahan and was solely intended for her fourth studio album RED but eventually got cut.. Due to the fact that “Babe” was intended for RED has made fans all the more excited to hear the song. After all, RED is one of the greatest albums of all time, bringing us songs like “All Too Well” and “State of Grace”. The album itself is amazing, so we never doubted that “Babe” wouldn’t be.

While Swift only sings backing vocals and harmonies in the track, you can still sense the pain of losing someone you thought you had forever. Pain is drenched all throughout and it’s a shame because the track itself isn’t a ballad. In fact, it makes you want to sway and you almost feel bad for wanting to do so.

The lyrics evidently speak to a man who cheated but Swift isn’t one to name call. In fact, she simply states that it’s the last time she’ll ever call him babe. She goes into detail about a phone call and promises being broken on the other end, but she soon realizes she had to be the one who got away. Jennifer Nettles perfectly displays the emotion with her raw vocals that match effortlessly with Swift’s. This most definitely is a trio we admire and we’re so glad Swift chose Sugarland to sing her song. You can listen to “Babe” below:

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What do you think of “Babe”? Are you happy Taylor chose Sugarland to sing the track? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comment section below.