Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t know how Infinity War ends so that’s just great


In an interview, Robert Downey Jr. revealed that he wasn’t made aware of the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. This is further proof of the secrecy surrounding the film.

If there was one person I’d trust to know the entirety of Avengers: Infinity War, it’d be Robert Downey Jr. I mean, Iron Man has been with us since the very beginning, but apparently not even he knows everything.

As more Avengers go out for their interviews, it becomes more and more apparent that directors Joe and Anthony are dead serious about keeping their movie a secret. So much so, that most of the cast has shared that the scripts they’ve read only have their parts in it.

Those stories make sense, then, since Robert Downey Jr. revealed the ending of Infinity War is an enigma to him.

“Marvel hasn’t even told me what the end of this movie is,” he said to, adding that regardless of what he knows, he still loves all the support from his fans around the movie.

Well, that certainly is reassuring. That just adds more pressure to how intense this movie might be. And while this attempt at secrecy is concerning, it’s also got some of us worried about how well the movie will live up to the hype at this point. With a movie this big, it really has to go big or home.

Really, the only person who we could look up to now is Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s the only one who says he knows the whole plot, since he apparently plays an integral part in the next two Avengers movies.

Since Iron Man has pretty much been the leader of the Avengers so far, this means that he’ll probably be passing the baton to Doctor Strange in one way or another. We just hope that Tony will willingly step down from his Avengers post, rather than … meeting his demise.

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The only true way to know the ending of the Avengers: Infinity War is by watching the actual movie. But never fear, it’s just around the corner, out in theaters April 27.