20 books you’ll absolutely want to binge at the beach this summer

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From Twinkle, with Love – Sandhya Menon

When Dimple Met Rishi was among the most highly praised young adult contemporaries released in 2017. Naturally, fans met the announcement of From Twinkle, with Love with excitement. Sandhya Menon has yet to disappoint, and her upcoming release looks just as remarkable as her debut.

Another heartwarming coming of age story, From Twinkle, with Love follows Twinkle on her journey to becoming a filmmaker. When she receives the opportunity to direct a film for the Summer Festival, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Add in the fact that it will give her more contact with her long-time crush, and she’s basically ecstatic.

Things get complicated for Twinkle’s love life, however, when she finds two boys vying for her attention. And as the direction of her own story begins to deviate from the course she imagined in her film, she’s left to deal with a turn of events she certainly wasn’t expecting. There’s nothing quite as unnerving as a real life plot twist.

The epistolary format and light but sweet content of this novel make it the perfect go to for summer reading. Its official release is set for May 22, so there’s plenty of time to pick it up before heading poolside.