Would you watch a TV show based on A Quiet Place?


If there were a chance for a TV series based on A Quiet Place, would you watch it and get some of your questions answered?

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen A Quiet Place yet.

A Quiet Place has been praised by many, and for good reason. It’s original, perfectly cast, tremendously suspenseful, and with amazing direction by John Krasinski; there’s a whole lot to love. It’s because and everything else it has to offer that we want more.

If there was, by some beautiful miracle, a chance for A Quiet Place television series, would you watch it? After seeing the movie, we have countless questions that need answering, especially after that epic ending! So could a TV series be the answer to quench our thirst for more?

Think about how much more background we’d have if A Quiet Place was made into a series. What happened when the creatures arrived? How did the humans began to adapt (or didn’t they)?

This becomes more intriguing if the Abbott family we’ve grown to love is included. How did they come up with the light system and the sand paths to help reduce noise? What were they doing before the creatures came? What was their life like before? A TV show could be a prequel to the movie.

We’d only become more invested with the family and other possible survivors as we learn about their life before the creatures, or a few days prior to the creatures’ landing. Did the Abbott family lose any friends or family members to the creatures? There’s so much room to grow within the story there.

If a prequel isn’t enticing enough, though, there’s still room for the aftermath from that epic ending in the movie. Subtract the zombies and add more suspenseful silence, and the series could be something similar to The Walking Dead. In a basic nutshell, it could be a survivalist drama.

But in this case, A Quiet Place would start off from the ending of the movie and the family’s journey afterwards. There are so many unanswered questions after that ending. Do they tell the world the creature’s weakness? How does the mother, Anna, cope with losing her husband, Lee? How does the baby boy grow up without his father? What do they name him? How do the other two kids cope with the father’s death? Are there more creatures? Do the Abbotts kill them too?

Earlier in the movie, the Abbott family lights a fire in a large container on top of the silo. In the background other lit fire signals appear. Are they signals from survivors? Did anyone else adapt to the mute life the same as the Abbotts did — lights, sign language and sand — or do they have their own methods? So, so many questions.

How cool would it be though if the Abbotts then make it their mission to hunt and kill the creatures that threaten humanity?! Meanwhile, they could meet other survivors and help spread the word. The suspense would still be incorporated as they hunt or move to new locations with creatures all over the world. This could lead us to following a completely different family and watching their fight against the creatures.

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If there were a series coming for A Quiet Place, what would you want to see? Who would you cast to be in it?