20 underrated reality show gems you should be watching

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The premise: Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, both Real Housewives husbands, help people with bad plastic surgery. They welcome everything from the tragic to the wildly bizarre. Patients come to them when other doctors have failed them and they are often the last stop in a series of desperate attempts to fix their medical problems. On the other hand, some patients seek out their expertise to craft their bodies into some fantasy or ideal that no other doctors will attempt.

Why you’ll like it: At its molecular level, it’s about helping people. The doctors are kind and understanding, and usually, save their judgments for the “in the moment” interviews instead of alienating the patient. For the patients who genuinely need their help, it’s so poignant to see how grateful they are when they finally look like they feel.

Paul and Terry are also pretty endearing. As middle-aged men looking at naked bodies all day, they have a “road-weary” kind of vibe about them. They commiserate over the less heroic parts of their job and in hilarious kind of way. There’s a lot of sideways glances, knowing eyerolls, and stifled chuckles. For every cleft palate they repair and feel good about it (rightly so), they have to give someone else elf ears or a Barbie waist. They’re good sports and I like that about them.

How to watch: You can watch a handful of seasons 3 and 4 on E!’s website.