20 underrated reality show gems you should be watching

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Queer Eye

The premise: A remake of the Bravo original that relies on the knowledge of five experts to transform a person in the areas of fashion, nutrition, hair, and confidence.  The precursor to the Netflix series was originally called Queer Eye for the Straight, and featured “the fab five” offering makeovers to hapless straight men.

The reimagined show takes a softer, more accepting tact when it comes to making the participants over. They are gentle, encouraging, and often try to make room for their own habits in lifestyle in the changes.

Why you’ll like it: It’s so freaking heartfelt. Although it might not seem a makeover show can be poignant and sincere, Queer Eye will make you cry real, actual tears. Most of the men on the show are facing some sort of crisis of identity, and the guys are sensitive and understanding. They give pep talk after pep talk, making you wish you had them to come home to at the end of a long day.

The show is also endlessly watchable. It never gets monotonous nor does it grind on your nerves how some makeover shows do. The stars are uplifting and sweet, but they know when not to take it all so seriously. It feels like they are legitimately changing lives.

How to watch: You can watch the entire series on Netflix. And you’ll probably do so in one sitting. (Be sure to have several tissue boxes ready, as there will be tears.)