9 times Chance the Rapper was a complete fanboy on Twitter


Fans of Chance the Rapper get to know the artist best through his Twitter account. There, he always shares what he’s most enthusiastic about in the most fanboy way possible.

When Chance the Rapper isn’t busy selling out shows or helping out charities, you can sometimes catch him on Twitter raving about what he loves the most.

In honor of the Coloring Book rapper’s birthday, we choose nine of his most colorful tweets that show how much of an ultimate fan he could be. Here are just a few things that Chance gets excited about that you might, too:

1. The Avengers

Who wouldn’t get excited over Earth’s mightiest heroes? The MCU makes some of the best movie each year and has a lot of star power behind them. Does this mean Chance could do a cameo in one of the next Marvel movies? Maybe he could play T’Challa’s other American cousin bent on getting the throne in Black Panther 2. We’re just making this up, but take notes if any Marvel execs are reading.

2. Harry Potter

It might not be humanly possible, but we believe in our hearts that Chance has the ability to watch almost a day’s worth of Harry Potter movies nonstop. It’s up there as ultimate movie-series to binge, so we hope he had a good time and stayed up to see the most important parts. We wonder which Hogwarts house he’d get sorted into?

3. Fornite and Nintendo

Fornite is the trendiest video game out there right now. So it’s no wonder that Chance the Rapper is in on tweeting about it. We’ll all have to start a petition to get Fornite on the Nintendo Switch for him! Do you think he’d play with Drake?

4. Drake

Speaking of Drake, Chance wants to hang out with the Toronto rapper more. We’ll take Chance’s word that he’s a fun guy to hang around. And hey, if Drake ever wants to invite Chance and us back to the 6 with him, we’re all for it!

5. Beyoncé

If there’s one thing on Twitter Chance can’t hide, that’s how much of a huge Beyoncé fan he is. After she dropped a verse on DJ Khalid’s Top Off, he proclaimed her his favorite rapper. After her performance turned Coachella into “Beychella,” he just had to announce that it was the greatest show to ever happen. We know his shows are great, too, but of course, it’s hard to top Beyoncé.

6. SNL

Lucky for Chance the Rapper, he got to hit the SNL stage twice. The first time, he came as a musical guest. The second, he hosted the show — and did a great job, too. His happy song on the SNL video shows how awesome things can be when you follow your dreams.

7. Sesame Street

He needs no Google Maps, but Lil’ Chano from 87th found his way to Sesame Street. He shared a video hanging out with the Sesame Street muppets after wrapping up an episode. The muppets adorably said hi to his young daughter, Kensli, and we’re sure it totally made her day to see her dad hanging with Elmo and co. (How many people can say they have a cool dad?)

8. Ellen

Really, who doesn’t love Ellen? She’s a dancing, comedy queen, and she’s also friends with Chance the Rapper. Last year, she wished him a happy birthday, and he responded in all caps “THANK YOU ELLEN LOVE YOU.” Which, to be honest, that’s the appropriate way to show your level of enthusiasm when tweeting at Ellen.

9.  All his musical friends

The best kinds of friends always support you, no matter what.  Even with so many friends, Chance is the type of person to make time to support them all — hence, that Twitter shoutout to all his Grammy friends nominated for awards. Grammys are nice, but friendship is nicer.

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Whatever you love, we love, Chance. Just keep tweeting and we’ll be there following you every step of the way.