15 of Disney’s most underrated characters

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11. Charlie Conway (The Mighty Ducks)

Dawson’s Creek fans have known and loved Joshua Jackson for years. But before he was Pacey Witter, he was Charlie Conway, captain of the Ducks. And he took those duties very seriously.

Charlie is the go-to guy for the Ducks. He rallies them together and is a role model on the ice. As he makes clear in the clip above, he isn’t going to compromise on his morals.

As he grew up, Charlie only got nobler. He recruits the star of the local street hockey team and gives the kid an incredible opportunity. He even gives up his spot to Adam Banks in D2: The Mighty Ducks, so that the team would have its best shot at beating Iceland.

Instead of just sitting on the sidelines after doing so, Charlie helps Bombay coach the Ducks to victory with a last-minute play.

Now, no one is perfect, not even Charlie. He has his faults, the biggest one being his ego. Charlie is also fiercely loyal, occasionally to a fault. When the Ducks head to Seaton Hall to play hockey, led by Coach Orion, the two butt heads.

Charlie is used to Coach Bombay’s way of doing things. That includes relying on Charlie to score goals. But Coach Orion wants the team to learn new ways of doing things, and become even better.

Once Charlie swallows his pride, he and the team flourish with their new coach.

In the early ’90s, there were plenty of young heartthrobs to crush on. Charlie Conway should have put Joshua Jackson at the top of the list. But late recognition is better than no recognition.